Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow It's Been Almost A Month

Wow where does the time go!! I got looking at the blog today and realized that it has been nearly a month since I last posted anything. Let me bring you up to date as to what has been going on in my life. Since I last posted I have been leading a study in Sunday school on Revelations 2-3. I have been leading our adult Sunday school class about 10 years now I guess and I have always said I won't lead a study on the Book of Revelation, I don't feel that I have the credentials to lead a study on the book especially since there are so many ways to interpret the book and I don't like getting caught up chasing rabbits. My personal interpretation of this book is pretty simple, JUST BE READY. If we live our lives according to what the Lord has laid out for us in scripture there is nothing to worry about. I sometimes think that people get so worked up trying to look for the signs in this book so that they can do what they want right up to the last moment. Anyway, let me come down off of my soapbox now and continue with what I wanted to say. As I was saying, after much thought and prayer and as much as it hurts to admit it wrestling, and arguing with God we broke down the letters to the 7 churches. I can only say I was an idiot for trying to avoid this for so long, when I look at scripture I always try to find what the Lord is saying to me personally and what he had to say this time was truly eye-opening. One of the many things out there about the letters is that they each represent a time in church history I'm not arguing that but as I said I like taking it down to a more personal level so over the next few posts I will show what I have learned.

  Now on to other things. I just found out that my kilt should be ready in about 2 weeks, I'm pretty excited to get it as it means that the highland games season is just around the corner. This will be the first year I have participated in the games and it should be a blast. I'm not looking to break any records or even win any events but I do expect to at least make a good showing. I am tentatively set up for at least 4 games this year and I am on the waiting list for the Alma games. I probably won't participate in that one because it will probably be filled with past competitors but I'll be ready just in case. I will post a picture when I get my kilt, it is in the traditional tartan of my clan (Livingston). My Great-Great-Great Grandmother was a Livingston born in Scotland.

   This past weekend we took the youth group from the church to Springhill camp for a weekend retreat. Unfortunately Sean couldn't go because he came down with bronchitis friday. It was a great time of time with God and fun. I was most impressed with how some of the older kids took to mentoring the younger ones ( our group goes from 7th-12th grades). It is always a worry when you do things like this that God will get lost in the shuffle but Springhill goes out of their way to make sure that doesn't happen and you could see the kids get something out of the weekend other than just a fun time. Well I need to head to the gym talk to you later.

                                                                        God Bless, Jay

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